Advantages of Tetrax FB:

Highly sensitive to neuro-physiological and neuro-anatomic disturbances at different functional levels (Central , Spinal, Visual, Vestibular and Proprioceptive Systems)

Able to detect minimal structural and functional changes not diagnosable through
routine topographic examinations and devices and at an earlier stage of their development

Able to trace externally subdued and asymptomatic traumatic events, both past and current

Able to differentiate between Central Nervous Dysfunctions andPeripheral Dysfunctions

Makes use of the relationship between balance coordination and cognitive function to help treat learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, and other disorders pertaining to the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

The only system which has systemically explored the developmental patterns of balance control from early childhood to pre-adolescence

Innovative solution to help tackle learning problems in children through physical training

Fast and extremely friendly diagnostic tool

Diagnostic system for adults, children and the elderly

Enables physicians to write medical reports with diagnostic statements, insert Tetrax FB examination outputs, and export the entirety via e-mail through the Physician Report System

Import / Export Data System allows physicians to share and consult on individual patient data with any other specialist who is a user of the Textrax FB software